TCPDUMP examples

Tcpdump is a command-line based packet capture tool like wireshark which is GUI.

  1. Capture all traffic on ethernet interface: $tcpdump –i eth0

2. Filter by host IP-address: $tcpdump host

3. Filter traffic by source and destination ip-address: TCPDUMP filter by source and destination:

            $tcpdump src

            $tcpdump dst

4. Read Pcap file: Tcpdump -r <file.pcap>

5. Record the capture to a pcap file: tcpdump -w capture.cap

  6. Filter all source, destination and ignore ICMP: $tcpdump src and src net and not icmp

Advance Options:

We can also filter traffic based on flags. For example, filter to see only SYN packets.

To check the complete list, follow:

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