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Bash script to get average time from logs

What if we have logs of a server like apache or syslog server and we want to get average time from timestamps of all rows. How can we do it? Basically, we need to filter timestamp (column-8) from each row and just find its average. Below is the screenshot of the problem. (click on the

Use of Lambda function in Python

This post is about Lambda which remain one of the most confusing topic for beginners. After reading couple of articles, here I’m sharing gist of them. Lambda is used to create function like def() but it returns the function instead of assigning name to it. This is the reason it is also called anonymous function.

How to Code a Port scanner in Python

¬†Overview In this post, we will going to learn how to code a easy to use port scanner in Python. In my view, python is one of the most powerful scripting language. There are many ways of doing this but we will going to learn it by using it’s built in module Socket. Sockets The