Self assessment before starting API development with Python

1. Understand the difference between a list, a set, and a tuple.

2 Understand what loops are, and the two different type of loop in Python.

3 Understand list comprehension is, and how to write them.

4. Understand object-oriented programming and writing classes in Python.

5. Understand inheritance in object-oriented programming, and how to program it in Python.

6 You know about positional and named arguments in Python, and using *args and **kwargs.

7. You should know passing functions as function arguments and lambda functions in Python.

8. You should understand decorators in Python, and how to write decorators that both have and don’t have arguments.

9. You need to know HTTP verbs and status codes.

10. Learn the principles of the REST architecture for web services.

11. If you know about different types of languages involved in web development, such as client languages (e.g. JavaScript) and server languages (e.g. Python, Go).

12. You know about relational databases and the SQL programming language.

13. You know what an Object-Relational Mapping for database programming is.

14. You know about non-relational types of database, such as graph databases or document databases.

15. You know about JavaScript Web Tokens and what they might be used for in a web API.

16. You know about the difference between encryption and encoding, and how both of these are used in the security of web services.

17. You know about Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and how it helps secure data exchanges between services.

18. You know about Git, and how to use it for collaboration and error control.

19. You know about UNIX and deployment of web services to stand-alone servers.

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