Linux Interview questions – Part2

Here are the second part of Linux interview questions:

  • What is the name and the UID of the administrator user?
  • How to list all files, including hidden ones, in a directory?
  • How to delete files older than 7 days from a directory? 
  • Which command will show you free/used memory? Does free memory exist on Linux?
  • How to search for the string “my konfi is the best” in files of a directory recursively?
  • I get “command not found” when I run ifconfig -a. What can be wrong? Try ipaddr
  • What command will show the available disk space on the Unix/Linux system? df -h
  • What commands do you know that can be used to check DNS records?dig and host
  • What Unix/Linux commands will alter a files ownership, files permissions? chown, chmod
  • What does chmod +x FILENAMEdo? permit file execution
  • What does the permission 0750 on a file mean?
  • What does the permission 0750 on a directory mean?
  • How to add a new system user without login permissions?
  • How to add/remove a group from a user?
  • What is a bash alias?
  • How do you set the mail address of the root/a user?
  • What is in /etc/services?
  • How to redirect STDOUT and STDERR in bash? (> /dev/null 2>&1)
  • Explain the three load averages and what do they indicate. What command can be used to view the load averages?
  • Can you name a lower-case letter that is not a valid option for GNU ls?

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