Linux Interview questions – Part1

I will start a series of  Linux interview questions to prepare for the interview. This is the first series and most of the answers are pretty easy to find out through the Google search. I want to share questions to prepare for interviews. For any difficult question, I will share the resources for preparation. I keep this as repository I used for my interview preparation. Here is the first part about general questions on internet:

  • What function does DNS play on a network?

Ans. Blog link:

Video tutorials:

  • What is HTTP, HTTP error codes and methods?

Ans. HTTP:

HTTP Methods:

Difference between GET and POST.

HTTP Messages:

  • What is an HTTP proxy and how does it work?
  • Describe briefly how HTTPS works.

Ans. Important part is to just understand how digital certificates and SSL/ TLS (later version of SSL) works.


  • What is RAID? What is RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10?

Ans. That’s a good series on RAID:

  • What is a level 0 backup? What is an incremental backup?

Ans. Explained in the link shared for the last answer.

  • Describe the general file system hierarchy of a Linux system.

Ans: Linux file system:


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