How to run L3 VPN in GNS3 ?


Back after a long time, sharing how we can test remote access vpn connectivity using Cisco VPN Client .

First of all, we need to have any Virtual Machine – VMWARE Virtual Machine or Oracle Virtual Box with any OS installed in it .

We will try out with simple topology :

vpn gns3 topology1. Configure topology with above configurations.

2. Add network adapter of Virtual machine to pc .

3. Run Virtual Machine and use the following settings in virtual machine . vm ware network settings4.Use can use following links for Router R1 and R3 configurations :
Router  R1 

   Router R3

5. Install and Run Cisco VPN Client in Virtual Machine

Try to make connection to VPN Server (Router) Gateway .

use username, password as “cisco”

6. Check ip configuration before connection

and after connection .
we can observe our client is successfully connected to vpn server now.

Working fine 🙂  .

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