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Linux commands to check performance

vmstat ps -aux netcat df netstat mstat, traceroute, ping telnet to port to test remote server have port open multiple binaries in /proc/ like /prod/cpuinfo journctl -f /var/log/syslog tail, head, less, grep , sed and awk to filter logs https://superuser.com/questions/117913/ps-aux-output-meaning

Meet our beloved “Ether” Net

Introduction Most of us take modern day Ethernet for granted. This is probably because it is what many of us have always known. This is especially true if you are like me and got into this crazy business . Today, Ethernet is a globally recognized and widely used standard. It is used in networks all

Scapy – Packet Manipulation Framework

Scapy is a well known packet manipulation framework developed in Python. It could be quite useful for people want to understand network at people level. Though it is used mostly by security engineers or penetration testers but i also suggest for Network Engineers apart from using Wireshark. Below are the few resources from where you can learn

Things to remember on Redistribution

Below are some key points to remember on Redistribution. When redistributing from OSPF in to BGP, by default, BGP only accepts internal routes not external type-1 or type-2. Also, the routes learnt via iBGP will not be redistributed into OSPF with the use of “redistribute” command until “bgp redistribute-internal” is used under bgp process. When