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IP Unnumbered Interface

  The ip unnumbered  configuration command allows you to enable IP processing on a serial interface without assigning it an explicit IP address. Using  ip unnumbered interface, we can "borrow" the IP address of another interface already configured on the router, which conserves network and address space.  In other ways, when serial or any other

Embedded Event Manager

So far we know that we can make routers and switches work the way we want them to. We can also configure them to report certain events. But i believe, a few of us would know that we can make our Cisco equipment act to certain events. We can make them perform scheduled operations (for

Cisco Webinar on Nexus 1000V Series Switches

This Deep-Dive series is focused on the advantages of Nexus 1000v Solution across spectrum of technologies and how it can be leveraged to enhance your Data Center Virtual Infrastructure to meet the next-generation goals.Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switches provide a comprehensive and extensible architectural platform for virtual machine (VM) and cloud networking. The switches are