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Docker Cheatsheet

Most common Docker commands in the nutshell. 1. To list all running containers $ docker ps -a  2. To view all running containers IDs $ docker ps -aq 3. Pull image using image name $ docker pull <image_name> 4. To start a container $ docker run <image_name> The above command will start a container for that image and

Protocol fundamentals

Source: OSI 7 layer model Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) HTTP is a method for encoding and transporting data between a client and a server. It is a request/response protocol: clients issue requests and servers issue responses with relevant content and completion status info about the request. HTTP is self-contained, allowing requests and responses to flow


Source: Intro to architecting systems for scale Asynchronous workflows help reduce request times for expensive operations that would otherwise be performed in-line. They can also help by doing time-consuming work in advance, such as periodic aggregation of data. Message queues Message queues receive, hold, and deliver messages. If an operation is too slow to perform

Caching Fundamentals

Cache Source: Scalable system design patterns Caching improves page load times and can reduce the load on your servers and databases. In this model, the dispatcher will first lookup if the request has been made before and try to find the previous result to return, in order to save the actual execution. Databases often benefit