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Cloud Federation

Cloud federation means resources of 2 or more cloud are completely available to each other in terms of authentication, files, computing resources, control structures or access to storage resources. One of the point to note, the term federation doesn’t mean they are physically connected to each other.

Strong Consistency Models and HTTP

In a wonderfully-written article, Kyle Kingsbury explores different models of strong consistency and I thought it would be interesting to consider how to apply some of these concepts in the context of the HTTP protocol given the prevalence of web APIs in modern architectures. HTTP is an amazingly expressive protocol, especially for caching semantics, yet in my experience

Protocol fundamentals

Source: OSI 7 layer model Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) HTTP is a method for encoding and transporting data between a client and a server. It is a request/response protocol: clients issue requests and servers issue responses with relevant content and completion status info about the request. HTTP is self-contained, allowing requests and responses to flow