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IP Unnumbered Interface

  The ip unnumbered  configuration command allows you to enable IP processing on a serial interface without assigning it an explicit IP address. Using  ip unnumbered interface, we can "borrow" the IP address of another interface already configured on the router, which conserves network and address space.  In other ways, when serial or any other

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Interoperating RIPV1 & RIPV2

We will going to look in this post on how can we make it possible to communicate RIPv1 and Rip v2 . Topology is given below : R1 –  RIP V1 protocol R2  – RIP V2 protocol R3 – S0/0 in RIP v1 and S0/1 in RIP v2.

Things to remember on Redistribution

 Below are some key points to remember on Redistribution. When redistributing from OSPF in to BGP, by default, BGP only accepts internal routes not external type-1 or type-2. Also, the routes learnt via iBGP will not be redistributed into OSPF with the use of "redistribute" command until "bgp redistribute-internal" is used under bgp process. When