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How to run L3 VPN in GNS3 ?

  Back after a long time, sharing how we can test remote access vpn connectivity using Cisco VPN Client . First of all, we need to have any Virtual Machine – VMWARE Virtual Machine or Oracle Virtual Box with any OS installed in it . We will try out with simple topology : 1. Configure

Scapy – Packet Manipulation Framework

Scapy is a well known packet manipulation framework developed in Python. It could be quite useful for people want to understand network at people level. Though it is used mostly by security engineers or penetration testers but i also suggest for Network Engineers apart from using Wireshark. Below are the few resources from where you can learn

Get Free INE CCNA Course Officially

INE- One of the leader in Cisco Online training providing Video Bootcamp for the whole CCNAcourse for free till 31st December 2011. The Course instructor is Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593, One of best Cisco Course Trainer so there should be no doubt about the quality of material if you are getting at free of cost. It would be really great

Cisco Introduces New Entry-Level Certifications

Cisco Systems on 23,april made an annoucement about the introduction of  Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) to its career Certification Program. So, with this new Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) training and certification program, Cisco Systems is targeting even the Network Technicians who perform onsite support and maintenance for Cisco infrastructure for R&S , TelePresence and Data

Conditions for a non-ZERO Forward Address in OSPF

According to cisco documentation, all the below conditions need to be met in order for the OSPF to set a non-zero Forwarding address 1. OSPF is enabled on the ASBR’s next hop interface 2. ASBR’s next hop interface is non-passive under OSPF 3. ASBR’s next hop interface is not point-to-point 4. ASBR’s next hop interface

Things to remember on Redistribution

Below are some key points to remember on Redistribution. When redistributing from OSPF in to BGP, by default, BGP only accepts internal routes not external type-1 or type-2. Also, the routes learnt via iBGP will not be redistributed into OSPF with the use of “redistribute” command until “bgp redistribute-internal” is used under bgp process. When