Machine Learning Fundamentals -1

We will share a series of machine learning tutorials for the next couple of days. So let’s start by understanding basics in the beginning. What is Machine learning? According to scientist Arthur Samuel who coined the word “Machine Learning”, “the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” This

Golang tutorial Part -1 Installation and Basics

What is Golang Go also known as Golang is an open source, compiled and statically typed programming language created by Google. The primary focus of Golang is to make the development of highly available and scalable web apps simple and easy. Why Golang Why would you choose Golang as your service side programming language when there are tonnes

Linux commands to check performance

vmstat ps -aux netcat df netstat mstat, traceroute, ping telnet to port to test remote server have port open multiple binaries in /proc/ like /prod/cpuinfo journctl -f /var/log/syslog tail, head, less, grep , sed and awk to filter logs

Linux Interview questions – Part4

In this post, I will share next part of linux interview questions series. What is a tunnel and how you can bypass a http proxy? What is the difference between IDS and IPS? What shortcuts do you use on a regular basis? What is the Linux Standard Base? What is an atomic operation? Your freshly configured

Linux Interview questions – Part3

In this post, I will continue with the Linux interview questions series and share the third part of it. What do the following commands do and how would you use them? tee awk tr cut tac curl wget watch head tail What does an & after a command do? Also ? in bash script What

Linux Interview questions – Part2

Here are the second part of Linux interview questions: What is the name and the UID of the administrator user? How to list all files, including hidden ones, in a directory? How to delete files older than 7 days from a directory?  Which command will show you free/used memory? Does free memory exist on Linux?

Linux Interview questions – Part1

I will start a series of  Linux interview questions to prepare for the interview. This is the first series and most of the answers are pretty easy to find out through the Google search. I want to share questions to prepare for interviews. For any difficult question, I will share the resources for preparation. I